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Russia became a Full Member of the RLEF on 22 February 2013

The Russian Association of Rugby League Clubs is an Affiliate Member of the RLEF. In 2010 it succeeded the now defunct Russian Rugby League Federation, a founding RLEF Full Member, and in part was a reaction to the Ministry of Sport’s Order 21 of January 20, 2010, which expelled rugby league from the state register of sports, and a general dissatisfaction with the direction of rugby league in Russia.

The Association, which maintains the unbroken thread of rugby league in Russia and the USSR dating back to 1991, is managed by a Board of Directors, constitutionally mandated for four years and comprising representatives of the clubs voted by the general assembly.

The RARLC administers the game at all levels, with rugby league activity in every month of the year. The national championship is played from May-November; schools competitions are played from January-December; representative football is played throughout the summer. The RARLC runs national teams at U16 (Junior Bears), and senior (the Bears).

Operationally, there are three departments: Operations, Coaching and Match Officials. Geographically, Russian rugby league is split into three regions - Center (Moscow and region), North West (St. Petersburg and region) and South (Rostov-on-Don and region).

Russia became a Full Member of the RLEF on 22 February 2013


Date Founded: 15th April 2008
Membership: Full
Board Members:

Edgard Taturyan (president)

Alexey Morozov (vice president)

Victor V. Sapozhnikov (Vice President)

Dmitry Litvinov (North-West Conference)

Vladimir Kushnerchuk (South Conference)

Vladimir Kozlov (Center Conference)

Andrey Volkov (Moscow)

Alexey Schegelsky (Moscow Region)

Web Site: www.rrlf.ru
Email: taturyan38@mail.ru
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